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The Unboxed Brain is a monthly ezine bringing you innovation, spirit and creativity.  We feature articles by coaching professionals and others working on the creative frontier.


The Unboxed Archives - Past Articles from the Unboxed Brain


February, 2003, Volume 1, No 1


The Power of Voice

Through classic “director” techniques and voice acting skills, Ron discovered a whole new way to work with his clients.


What can one person do? You’ll be amazed and inspired!

Filling a gap. The journey from a community project to the creation of the CO! Foundation.


April 2003, Volume 1, No. 2


The Marketing Person You Think You Aren't

Beth Woodard, once convinced she was not a marketing person, now inspires and teaches others a new way to approach marketing.


Playing to Win Big!

This article challenges you to leave small behind and reap the rewards of playing BIG.


May 2003, Volume 1, No. 3


CEO Shintaido

Wayne relates how his own experience with ritual based Japanese body work “shintaido”  parallels his life as a corporate executive.


Let Your Creativity Flow

Improv artist & trainer Sue Walden presents 11 simple tips to free up your creativity.


July 2003, Volume 1, No. 4


The Magnificence of Inspired Creation
Paige Stirling Fox

Use this ancient process as a new way to create in all areas of your life.


Time to Change

Kim Gaudin de Gonzalez

Learn how coaching was taken into prisons with tremendous results.


August 2003, Volume 1, No. 5


Living Your Landscape
Thea Sheldon, CPCC

Look at the external - and internal -landscapes of your life  Where should you tear down fences?


Creative Destruction: Fire in the Soul

Susen Fagrelius, CPCC

Explore creative destruction, the essential alchemical process by which we become who we truly are.


October 2003, Volume 1, No. 6


Go-Kart Racing: The ultimate experience of Coaching and the KEY to living an inspired life
Robert (Bob) Cornish CPCC MCC

Coach Robert Cornish combines coaching and race car driving to provide visceral, in-the-moment experinces. His clients have life changing experinces.


"Simple" doesn't always mean "easy"

By Sue Walden

Improv trainer Sue Walden reviews the simple, key skills to use to stay fully engaged and present.


November 2003, Volume 1, No. 7


Coming Home to Yourself: A Journey Worth Taking
Melanie Keveles, MA CPCC

Coach Melanie Keveles shows you how to take a journey to that special world inside us to uncover or remind us of who we really are, and the extraordinary genius we have within us.


Lessons From the Microwave (and pop music too)

By Peter Jacobs

Coach, Photographer, Writer Peter Jacobs shares how a kitchen appliance changed his life, and how it can change yours too. And no, you don't have to spend money!


February 2004, Volume 2, No. 1


Writing for Your Life
Deb Cooperman, CPCC

Deb Cooperman shares her tips for creating a powerful writing practice.


Coaching Creativity: 7 Lessons From Artists

Suzanne Falter-Barnes

Four years ago, Suzanne Falter-Barnes was a frustrated, fed-up writer. Now, she has found herself on a one-woman mission to move people to express themselves.



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Self Expressed



FOG, a poem

by E. Peter Jacobs


JUST, a poem

by Melinda Urban



a fiber/mixed-media art-doll, and poem

by Amy Egenberger


Taking Flight,

a photograph by

E. Peter Jacobs


Early Spring Thaw

Mixed Media art

Marcy Nelson-Garrison


Fog Bound

a photograph by

E. Peter Jacobs


a photograph by

E. Peter Jacobs



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