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Girlphyte is an exciting new monthly web ezine committed to supporting women. There are loads of great features that highlight women creating, succeeding, having awesome adventures and changing the world. They have created what will soon be the coveted Girlphyte gold seal of approval that certifies that a business is female friendly. Girphyte is an inspiration, a powerful champion for personal growth regardless of age and a new social force that is destined for some major impact.

Check out the Coaching Toys article in girlphyte


Equine Assisted Coaching is an innovative approach to working with individuals and teams. The horses response to the client provides valuable feedback on congruency, authenticity and leadership. this can be a breakthrough experience for many. Coaches trained in this model will partner with you to offer a session to your clients. The equine assisted growth and learning association offers information and is a source for referrals in your area. Check out our podcast on this topic here


American Creativity Association

The ACA is committed to the development of creativity skills in all aspects of professional development. They sponsor and annual conference.


Creativity Coaching Association

This organization promotes, trains and certifies creativity coaches. A creativity coach helps artists, writers and other creative types focus on their work and to live a creative life. You can find referral listings of creativity coaches at their site.

Write Sparks

This is a fun software tool for writers of all sorts. It will jump start your writing with story generators, warm-up prompts, random metaphors, random word combinations and much much more. It will keep you writing for years.

Mind Genius

Mind-mapping (or webbing, or clustering) is a tool to sketch and link ideas while brainstorming.  Mind Genius is software that lets you do this on your PC.  You can add color and images to indicate groupings or relationships, for example.  When you're done, you can export it to an MS Word document with BOTH the mapped image, and a text outline.  Click on the link to find out more and get a free download.

Authors & Experts


Media professionals; reporters, talk show hosts and meeting organizers use this site to find guests, speakers and experts. What’s really exciting is that you get a 10% discount on your listing through the Coaching Toys link

Mind Manager

Another Mind Mapping application is Mind Manager by MindJet.  Their site also features a free download.

Teach Me Teamwork

This is a well-designed, content rich resource for anyone interested in team building through interactive games and activities. Tom has collected some terrific activities, provides step by step instruction and even has video clips of groups in action.  Well worth the membership fee.





Jump-start your creativity with this FREE online idea-generating tool created by Dave DuFour. It works with ambiguous images as prompts and leads you through several steps until "voila", you have pages of new ideas to work with.


Great resource for professionals and clients. This site has an extensive directory of self help, self improvement web sites as well as articles, products, discussion boards and access to free newsletters. There are also opportunities to list your article or your web site. 


Write Directions

Here is a great resource for writers or would be writers. The site has lots of articles with topics ranging from how to find an agent to how to find time to write. There is an interesting collection of resources primarily to help with research and publishing. You will also find inspiration, encouragement and a book store.  Well worth a visit and a bookmark for the writer in you.



Peer Resources

A great general resource on the coaching profession that is independent and bias-free. The site includes a list of the top books and videos on coaching, descriptions of all coaching schools and training organizations, coaching literature and news from the popular and professional press, an updated list of coaching events, seminars, and conferences, and more.





This free resource invites you to type in a word and it will seek out words that rhyme. I typed in the word YOU and it gave me 586 results. COOL!

Mindful Clock

Free software that will create the sound of meditation bells or the chimes of Westminster. You choose the sound you want and set it to chime on the hour, every fifteen minutes or randomly. Use as a structure, prompt or reminder.






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