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How can you be part of Coaching Toys?

Coaching Toys unabashedly promotes the belief that art, humor, play, spirituality and creativity MATTER and can profoundly impact the process of personal and professional growth work.
Our mission is to bring products, ideas and approaches that inspire and support this belief to the professions of coaching, counseling, facilitation and training.

As members of these professions we know that there are many creative and innovative ideas and products being created out there. They are being created by you. These new creations are being born of the passion you have for the work you do. Coaching Toys wants you to be more visible. We want the profession at large to have access to your creative genius. We want to expand your audience.If you have a product, a program, a technique or approach that would fit with our mission, we would love to talk to you.

Here are some current opportunities:

Coaching Toys Associate Program

List your product with us as a Coaching Toys Associate. The Coaching Toys online store is set up on a consignment basis. You get the benefit of our marketing efforts, a bigger audience, customers have payment options and you make more on your sales than you would if you sold through a retail shop. Our current commission is 30%.  To view the Coaching Toys associate guidelines, click here.

The Unboxed Brain, Frolicking on the Creative Frontier

The Unboxed Brain features articles will highlight creative ideas from creative people. Our intention is to inspire by showing what’s possible when we “leave the linear.” And to provide a place to share an impact you are having in the world. Articles are generally 800-1200 words. We invite you to submit your ideas. We support artistic self expressionand will also feature poems or visual images. Contact for more infomation.


This is a new audio feature and we are looking for people to interview on innovative topics. Contact Marcy for more information Co-create / Partner / Collaborate / Suggest / Feedback / Request

We are open to possibilities, suggestions, or queries. Got a great idea? We'd love to hear about it. Send a message to and a member of our creative team will contact you.


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