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Courtesy links to Products and Resources featured in the Coaching Tools Column of Choice magazine authored by Coaching Toys president, Marcy Nelson-Garrison.

Choice Magazine and Coaching Toys celebrating 10 years in business and 10 years as collaborators!

Here's a picture of us getting ready to cut the cake at the recent ICF Midwest Conference!




Products and Resources Reviewed in Choice Magazine - Coaching Tools Feature Article

Vol 15 Issue 1...

Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck:
This deck gives you 56 simple and effective strategies that can help release anxiety and create more room for possibility. Each card offers a suggested practice or activity based on current thinking and research in mindfulness, relaxation and cognitive therapy. Available at and in the Coaching Toys Store Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck

Vision Cards
With nearly 80 original images, Vision Cards are an awesome new imagery tool on the market. If you want to elicit richly textured nuance and aha moments in your client and group work, I recommend the Vision Cards.
Vision Cards

The Passion Profiler™
This well-researched and validated assessment explores 10 passion archetypes: The Altruist, The Connector, The Creator, The Healer, The Teacher, The Builder, The Conceiver, The Discoverer, The Processor and The Transformer. The individual’s “archetype cluster”, their top three passion archetypes, influence engagement, contribution and orientation to knowledge within the organization. The Passion Profiler™

Vol 14 Issue 4...

The Mindful Doodle Book:
Combine doodling with mindfulness, self-compassion and focused intention and you have the ingredients for a powerful practice for yourself and a tool to use with clients. Available ay and in the Coaching Toys Store - The Mindful Doodle Book

The Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team™
A complete package that will give you everything you need to insure team development, progress and success. It offers a powerful assessment and an in depth facilitated program. The Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team™

The Handy Brain Model™
For those who bring neuroscience into your work, The Handy Brain Model™ offers a perfect solution in the form of a 3-dimensional, easy to use, visual aid. Available Available ay and in the Coaching Toys Store - The Handy Brain Model

Vol 14 Issue 3

At My Best, Strengths-Based 360 Feedback Tool:
is a simple, easy to use, online card sort process that has a cool visual component and rich interactive methods for viewing results. Guaranteed to fuel some great coaching. At My Best, Strengths-Based Feedback Tool

Leader vs. Leader
Great tool for leadership development. The process involves pairing two random leader cards and then deciding who was the better leader. You can expect lively and in-depth conversations. Leader vs Leader also available in the Coaching Toys Store

Renew You! Love Your Life Coaching Program
A life coaching program in a box. The flow of the program is so aligned with how you already work, all you will need to do is add your branding and show up as the amazing coach that you are. Renew You! Love Your Life Coaching Program

Vol 14 Issue 2

Customized Coloring Booklet: A 5.5" x 7.25" coloring booklet you can customize for your business. You get 8 coloring pages and you get to choose your own coloring pages out of 40 options (all original art). Customized Coloring Pages Booklet

The Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck: An oracle deck with Intricate faces of wisdom Keepers drawn by artist Rosy Aronson. Each Wisdom Keeper tells a personal story of overcoming adversity, shares the gift of wisdom and inspiration and offers questions for your own personal discovery. Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck

Ready2Go Self-Study Coaching Programs:It is now super easy to offer a self-study program on a topic that’s relevant to your clients and prospects without having to create it yourself. Each customizable self-study program comes with 5-8 modules. Each module has a lesson, activities, client homework, handouts, debrief questions and a follow-up plan which could include coaching. Get 25% off through 12/31/16 with coupon code -CHOICE25 Ready2Go Self-Study Coaching Program

Vol 14 Issue 1

NineBox 2.0 Coachability Assessment:This is a pen and paper assessment that measures performance and responsiveness to feedback. The “Performance” questions address; self efficacy, time management, decision making and emotional well-being. Comes in a package of 5 assessments. NineBox 2.0 Coachability Assessment

Coach.Talk.Now: is all about coaching-on-demand. Imagine a potential client needing to make an important decision or in the middle of a big transition being able to access a coach - in the moment, while it’s on their mind. Coach.Talk.Now. makes exactly that happen. Name your own price, create a profile and indicate when you are available to take calls. Coach. Tal.Now does all the rest. Coach.Talk.Now

Growing Mindful, Mindfulness Practices For All Age: Each card in the deck has a mindfulness practice. There are three types of practices reflecting different aspects of mindfulness; awareness, present moment experience and cultivating kindness and curiosity. Growing Mindful, Mindfulness Practices For All Age

Vol 13 Issue 4

The Results Roadmap™: The Results Roadmap™ offers a powerful methodology to uncover the nvisible barriers represented by beliefs, assumptions and expectationse insuring more successful outcomes. The license is available for a one time fee and there is a version for individual use, groups or organizations. Results Roadmap

We! Connect Cards™: People tend to participate more fully when they know each other and this deck facilitates that process in a fun, creative way. The “getting to know you” questions are grouped into three suits; fun, reflective and a little deeper. We! Connect Cards

emojiCARDS: EmojiCARDS are the perfect tool for developing emotional intelligence whether you work with leaders, couples, job seekers or artists. Coaching happens via questions that facilitate exploration of the chosen card. Card choice could reflect current emotional state, personality, someone else’s emotional state, a response to an exercise or reaction to a specific scenario. emojiCARDS

Vol 13 Issue 3

Certified HÜDDLE Facilitator: A great stand alone offer for an additional revenue stream or add it to group coaching programs, membership sites or even as a bonus for individual clients. Certified HÜDDLE Facilitator

Fertile Ground Vision Cards: A deck of awesome images that provide a deeply provocative, fertile ground for exploring the world of light and shadow, archetypes and mystery. Fertile Ground vision Cards

Break Through to Your Great Story: A robust online program that offers depth work at it’s finest, created with great love, gentleness, clarity and hope as you explore your wounds, your overcoming, your triumph and your divinity on the way to your “great story. Break Through to Your Great Story

Vol 13 Issue 2

Identity Discovery Deck The deck offers a card sort process plus a guided worksheet that leads you on a journey of self discovery

My Portable Mentor A robust audio training package designed to help coaches prepare for ICF credentialing. It instructs, inspires, captures the heart and soul of coaching excellence and opens the door for personal reflection. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store: My Portable Mentor

Fiction Magic, Card Tricks & Tips for Writers If you coach creative writers, or are a writer yourself you will love this tool. It offers creative prompts for the "writing" and the guidebook offers inspiration and support for the writer. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store: Fiction Magic

Vol 13 Issue 1

6 Figure Product Creation Program In this home study program learn how to create ebooks, audios, videos, webinars, multi-media courses, membership sites and more.

At my best® Strengths CardsThe deck of 48 cards give you a fast, easy way to begin identifying and exploring strengths with your client. On one side are strength words and on the other side are images. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store: At my best Strengths Cards

Activating Your Inner Champion How connected are you with that powerful , optimistic, steady voice within that knows you can do whatever it is you set your mind to? Activating Your Inner Champion is a three part audio learning program that weaves together encouragement, information, guided visualizations and journaling exercises to help you build a relationship with that inner ally.

Vol 12 Issue 4

Relateways There’s a new kid on the block for cloud based coach-client engagement called RelateWays. It’s super easy to use, will boost your professionalism and has the power to shift workplace cultures!

Journey Circles™Creative Mapping Kit, Collage has long been a powerful tool for visioning, self-exploration and personal expression. If you like to dive deep in your coaching or lead transformational workshops, you will love this tool.

The Mood Lady Cards The various “Mood Ladies” are painted in a broad range of styles and each evokes an emotional tone or quality. On the back of each card is a concept, a description of the concept and journey (coaching) questions. The images are easy for just about anyone to relate too. Also available in The Coaching Toys Store: Mood Lady Cards

Vol 12 Issue 3

Values Clarification Cards. New, beautifully designed values card sort process with a distinct leadership focus.this card deck is uniquely suited to faciliating values work with corporate leaders. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store - Values Clarification Cards

Speed Dial the Universe Journal. Start your day with intention, clarity and upbeat energy. The journal, created by Jeanna Gambellini, introduces a six-step daily practice based on the laws of attraction.

iZoar Mouse Pads. These whimsical characters with powerful messages offer simple, creative reminders, that connect us to our intentions and help us stay on track. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store - iZoar Mouse Pads

Vol 12 Issue 2

Huddle™ Card Decks Huddle™ Cards offer an easy, fun, quirky way to breath some life into meetings and group work. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store - Huddle Biz Breaks and Huddle Ice Breakers

Points Of You Inspiration Journals Points Of You™ offers a very cool twist on the standard journal.
Quotes and writing prompts are sprinkled throughout to inspire new thinking. The real magic of these journals however, lies in the “Quote Cards” -  provocative visual images with quotes.

Do Respect DVD Do Respect gives you material for a 2-3 hour training on Values - great door opener for future work in a business or corporate setting.

Vol 12 Issue 1

The Listening Cards The Listening Cards are designed to help you create a practice to improve listening skills.
Its a great tool for performance improvement, sales teams, coach training and couples coaching. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store - Listening Cards

Punctum, A game for expanding your viewpoint, Punctum is a simple, powerful and fun imagery and word based process to access internal wisdom in a non-verbal way. Perfect self-coaching client or workshop tool to bypass resistance and open up possibility in a non-threatening way. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store - Punctum

Messages To the Heart, Reflections of beauty and truth Coach Phil Okrend's words of wisdom and insight are paired with artist Elise Okrend's beautiful and soothing pastel drawings. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store - Messages To The Heart

Vol 11 Issue 4, 2013

Manifest Your Magnificence for Kids ("Art Of The Heart" Product Award Winner)  If you are looking for a fun, meaningful way to nurture a child’s self-esteem, Manifest Your Magnificence for Kids colorful card deck offers a perfect choice.

Adeptio A cloud based, social coaching application that allows you to track multiple clients, manage collaborative teams, sync appointments, follow project related conversation threads and more - all in one place.

Wonder Builder Cards Wonder Builder offers 53 questions that invite you to write, imagine, reflect and ponder. Perfect for Creativity and Retreat Coaches!

Vol 11 Issue 3, 2013

Road to Resilience Values Cards (Big Life Big Action Product Award Winner 2013) Two decks in one - values card sort on one side, values inquiries on the other. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store.

Hapacus Hapacus has embraced the science of happiness and created a perfect business opportunity for life coaches.

Quotables This sweet deck of quote cards makes it easy for you to bring quotes to a workshop, a retreat, a discovery session or a team building event.

Vol 11 Issue 2, 2013

Points of You, The Coaching Game Congratulations to Points Of You™ The Coaching Game for winning the 2013 "Out Of The Box" Product Award! Points Of You is a fresh, fun and innovative coaching process that can be facilitated or used solo. Processes include four “games”: Awakeness, Relationships, Gain and Loss, or Past, Present, Future. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

The Muse Is In: An Owner's Manual For Your Creativity The Muse Is In, is visually stunning. It is chock full of color, quirky illustrations, inspiration and exercises that will delight your senses and have your own muse jumping for joy. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

iZoar Encouragement, inspiration, celebration and support - thats the heart and soul of the iZoar line of products.

Vol 11 Issue 1, 2013

Taylor Protocols Core Values Index™ (CVI™) The CVI™ assessment is relevant for individuals, couples and decision makers and it has potential to be a real powerhouse in a workplace setting.

Ready Made Teleseminar Packages Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, offers seventeen Ready Made Teleseminar Packages for you to choose from on topics like: emotional intelligence, laws of attraction, leadership, confidence, transitions, visioning and more.

The Relaxation Experience: Meditations for Optimum Wellness This CD offers two very effective guided processes each about twenty minutes long. The first is a body scan relaxation with an imagery component. The second is a face and jaw relaxation. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

Vol 10 Issue 4, 2012

Facio Personal development software to use with clients. Offers three “surveys” to identify personality traits, preferences and behaviors. The behaviors survey collects data about actual behavior and ideal behavior.

Pick-A-Postcard Delightful and quirky collection of 36 postcards that are great for imagery based exercises and debriefing with groups or individuals. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

The Dream Box Kit Way more than a craft kit, it is a self-guided coaching process. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

Vol 10 Issue 3, 2012

Mindfulness Toolkit, Practical Mindfulness Skills

Happy Scent®

29 Days

Vol 10 Issue 2, 2012

Body Mind Spirit Coaching: An Integrated Body-Centered Approach A full fledged home study program to master the integration of body focused techniques in coaching. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store.

Pause; 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute

Defeating the Demons of Distraction, Mem-Cards Great tool for productivity and ADHD. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

Vol 10 Issue 1, 2012

Mother Henna's Coloring Book for People of All Ages

Soul Notes & Inspire Me Magnets

The Art of the HeartSell Conversation

Vol 9 Issue 4, 2011

Speaking Mastery Self-Study

DR-NP Life Coaching Game (no longer available)

Attitude Zapz CD


Vol 9 Issue 3, 2011

The Relating Game™ Deeper Intimacy and More Meaningful Connections for Individuals and Couples Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

The Right-Brain Business Plan and the Right-Brain Business Plan™ Kit Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

Clear, Calm and Bright, Meditations for Morning, Noon and Night CD Also available in the Coaching Toys Store


Vol 9 Issue 2, 2011

Appreciative Coaching with Sara Orem

Paths to Guidance®, How To Align Your Way To Love, Prosperity & Joy, Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

The Road to Resilience ™ Values Deck, Also available in the Coaching Toys Store


Vol 9 Issue 1, 2011

Personal Leadership Cards, Lisa Murrell Also available in The Coaching Toys Online Store

The RiskADay Journal, by Laura Overstreet Biering Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

Leadership Metaphor Explorer, Center for Creative Leadership

Write Your Way to More Clients Online, Linda Dessau Also available in the Coaching Toys Store


Vol 8 Issue 4, 2010

My Daily Affirmation Cards

Beyond The Resumé, 25 Innovative Strategies for Finding a Job in Any Economy, Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

Journey With Intuition and Creativity to Transformation Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

Virtual Event Marketing Blueprint (product no longer offered – learn more here)

Fortune Cookie Debrief™


Vol 8 Issue 3, 2010

Group Coaching Success with Michelle Schubnel
A home study program that definitely over delivers. Michelle covers everything from marketing, to group coaching skills to structural details.

Business Goddesses Guide to Creating Powerful Sales Pages with Ease Authenticity and Heart by Laura West Finally someone is taking a stand for no more ugly, noisy, pushy sales letters and is committed to helping us do it effectively in a new, heart-centered way.Eeasy to read and well designed. It actually inspires you to want to tackle a sales page and feel excited to do so.

Dream Cards ™
Dream Cards™ will get your clients or group participants opening to new possibilities and exploring big dreams quickly. It's a wonderful tool for discovery sessions, workshops or couples work and it's adaptable to most niches. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

This app sends you important reminders by using what iPhone calls push technology. There are multiple ways to schedule the prompts and multiple categories to choose from. Now imagine using it to prompt a bit of coaching homework like an inquiry or a reminder to track a specific behavior or to take a life balance break. A very cool structure for clients!

gFlashPro that allows you to custom create your own flashcards - the possibilities are endless. Try staying in touch with clients between sessions by randomly choosing a question card and send it off to them. For example - “Who in your organization needs acknowledgement today?” gFlashPro

Group Coaching Manager
To run a successful group it's important to have a way to communicate with group members, give them easy access to each other and be able to track progress. This program does it all and you can run up to 5 groups at once.

Vol 8 Issue 2, 2010

Money Habitudes™ A guide for Professionals Working with Money Related Issues
The card sort process identifies core money habits and the workbook provides step by step guidance, worksheets and exercises to deepen awareness and create specific goals.

Effective Group Coaching by Jennifer Britton
This new book reflects the new industry standard on doing group coaching. It is grounded in current research and best practices from luminaries in the coaching industry. A wonderful resource for new and seasoned coaches.

Coming Out of Hiding by Suzanne Falter-Barns
Two CD set addresses fears often associated with increased visibility and provides tools to stretch you beyond your comfort zone.

Joy Cards
Artful images on one side and fresh, interesting quotes on the other. Prop one on your computer keyboard for the day or send one off in the mail with a note to a client. Lots of fun ways to use them. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

Releasing Blocks to Action by Ann Weiser Cornell
A Five CD course grounded in a technique called Focusing. Focusing is a deep listening process that tunes into body awareness, works with the 'felt sense'. The audio course covers relevant content about presence, qualities, myths and agency and introduces four distinct patterns that show up; protection, rebellion, unfinished business and inner guidance.

Vol 8 Issue 1, 2010

YES! DECK Seriously fun business tools to help you get unstuck

Financial Alchemy ™ Twelve Months of Magic and Manifestation Workbook plus CD

Easily Wired, Networking with no unnatural acts
Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

Creative Wellness Guided Meditations-6 Mini Retreats
Available at and in the Coaching Toys Online Store

The Invisible Close, 97 Secrets Revealed

Vol 7 Issue 4 (Dec. 09)

Happy For No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out
Marci Shimoff's new home study program includes a 65 page workbook filled with exercises and practices that you can apply immediately. The eight audio CD's deliver the 7 powerful steps with in depth guidance, loads of inspiration and powerful guided visualizations. You also get a dose of holosync and paraliminal audio technologies blended with the content. Available through Learning

Miniature Metaphors, Processing Treasure Chest
These reasures in a tin - 30 small, charm-sized, mostly pewter, objects like; a pair of tiny eyeglasses, a hammer, a ballerina, a ladder and so much more offer delightful metaphor prompts for individual and group work. Available at Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

Creations, A guided journal for consciously manifesting dreams
This lovely journal gently guides you towards clarity and focused attention on what you want to manifest in your life. The content, easily laid out in the first part of the journal, describes three phases of manifesting. Also available in the Coaching Toys Store

Completely web based mind mapping program allows you to access your mind maps from any computer and even create mind maps collaboratively in real time. Available at

Metaphor/Feeling Cards
Wonderful image based processing/debriefing tools. The cool thing about The Metaphor/Feeling cards is that you really get two tools in one deck. One side features graphic images, the other side a single feeling word. Each version is designed to be used independently. Available at

Vol 7 Issue 3 (Sept. 09)

Thought Spots ™
Thought Spots™ offers lots of cool and colorful messages like “Have faith in your instincts.” Just peel off the thought of your choice and stick it on a mirror, window or other shiny surface. They are repositionable, re-usable and just plain easy. Great simple structures to support client goals and intentions. Available at and in the coaching toys store

Heart's Desire CD
This CD serves up a simple 6 step process for manifesting. The process is based on The One Command developed by Asara Lovejoy. This is a great tool for anyone dealing with resistance on the way to what they want. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store

The Intention Box
As lifestyle tools go, this one is platinum. The exquisite design and quality construction coupled with a compelling process definitely tells the universe you are ready for anything your heart intends. Available at

The Prosperity Game Home Study Course
Get ready to challenge those limiting beliefs and expand your comfort with having more. The Prosperity Game 12 week course guides you to apply the laws of attraction, deliberate creating and allowing with Jeanna Gabellini and Eva Gregory as your passionate guides. Just hangin' with these two women is going to “raise your vibration”.Check out their products at

Thomas Leonard's Full Practice For Coaches: 100 Time-Tested Lessons From Coaching's Founding Father
This broad stroke collection of 100 lessons covers everything you need to know about marketing; creating your marketing message, designing a web site, increasing web traffic, ezines, ecourses, social networking, building a national reputation, managing your successful practice and so much more. And from a coaching legend. Available at

Vol 7 Issue 2 (June 09)

The Creative Entrepreneur (Quarry Books) Lisa Sonora Beam
The Creative Entrepreneur, by Lisa Sonora Beam, masterfully translates business concepts into artistic tools and exercises. It succeeds in making business palatable to those who would rather run the other direction at the mere mention of a business plan, a SWOT or a competitive business analysis. Available at

The Coach Camp Laser Coaching Field Guide & Audio Program
7.5 hours of audio and a Laser Coaching Field Guide created by Marion Franklin MS MCC and Nina East IAC-CC, offer a rich mix of instruction, client situations and coaching demos. The five areas of focus include; The HeART of Listening, Intuition, Laser Coaching, Creating Shifts and Being a Coach. Available at

The Abounding River ™ The Game of Being Abundant
This is a fun and engaging board game that offers unexpected depth. It is spiritually grounded and its main premise is to help players focus on the abundance already occurring in their lives. There are huge possibilities for integrating this game into coaching. Use it in workshops, retreats and consider game nights with follow-up coaching. Available at

Kendall Summerhawks, How to Add 6-Figures to Your Business Practically Overnight With Lucrative, High-End “Platinum Style” Coaching Programs
Kendall summerhawk's home study program on how to create high-end platinum style programs promises step-by- step instruction on how to replicate her success and she really delivers! Her multi-media program walks you through everything; how to design your programs, how to enroll platinum clients and even the payment strategies you need to have in place. The examples, templates and forms provided are invaluable. Available at

Vol 7 Issue 1 (April 09)

Points Of You™, The Coaching Game, An amazing, creative, fun, self-coaching process. The package includes a cloth game board, 65 cards, each with an interesting photograph and a single word, a beautifully written companion book and a tear off pad for notes, insights and future action. The Coaching Game is powerful on its own and amazing when experienced with another – specifically a coach. Also available in the Coaching Toys Online Store.

The KGI™ Assessment (The Klein Group Instrument for Effective Leadership and Participation in Teams), The KGI™ Assessment measures behavior in four dimensions: Leadership, Negotiation, Task Execution and Interpersonal Relations. The assessment can be adapted for both individual and team use. An excellent tool for setting priorities in coaching. Available at CAPT (The Center for Application of Psychological type).

Ready2Go Workshop – Say it! Hear it! The Power of Effective Communications Say it! Hear it! is one of several professionally designed workshops created specifically for coaches. The available topics are relevant to most markets and the content is excellent. The package includes everything you need: facilitators guide, handouts for participants, marketing guide, marketing materials, and suggestions for following up with participants after the workshop. Available at and in the Coaching Toys online store.

Driving Reflections, A great coaching structure for your car. Driving Reflections, offers collections of inspirational statements designed to help you develop positive thought habits. They come in a holder that sits on the dash board of your car. The message of your choice is then reflected off the windshield. Available at and in the Coaching Toys Store.

Vol 6 Issue 4 (January 09)

The Whack Ball ™ by Roger von Oech
The author of, A Whack on the Side of the Head, has an exciting new creativity tool called Ball of Whacks that engages all of the standard pathways to promote a creative mindset: meditation, play, metaphor and stimulation. Toss it around, take it apart, create new designs, invent whacky shapes and make up stories to go with your creations. A 96 page guidebook offers plenty of suggestions for both individual and group brainstorming and problem solving. Available at

Visioning Your World ™
A new online program that helps you make the goals and the vision you have for your life visual. It is highly customizable, has a fresh feel about it and it is extremely user friendly. Available at

Let's Talk Coaching Cards ™ , by Jenifer Madson
Let's Talk Coaching Cards is both an individual tool designed to help you become your own financial coach and group process tool – in fact, Jenifer refers to it as the Lets Talk MONEY Game. Available at, and in the Coaching Toys Store

The Customizable Style Guide for Coaches Who Write by Linda Dessau
Linda Dessau, spells out everything you need to know relative to the kind of business writing you do as a coach; emails, articles, course materials, white papers, assessments, quizzes, etc. in a simple, light and very easy to understand style. Available at and in the Coaching Toys Store

Vol 6 Issue 3 (September 2008)

What Drives You Crazy Makes You Great!
Michel Neray's virtual workshop on CD and downloadable workbook help you go beyond finding a niche and writing an elevator speech to something even more effective. Michel guides you to find your unique gift,

Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee
Fun, quirky and playful, the plan is fully downloadable and comes with a guided visualization to help you envision the future you want for your business. Available in the Coaching Toys Online Store and at

The Coaching by Example 9-Cd Series
One of the best ways to grow as a coach is to listen to masterful coaching. The 9 CD set features the coaching ofMaster Coach Barbra Sundquist as well as eight guest coaches.

Lifemastering™ Software
The Lifemastering™ Software is an amazing web based program that allows you to visualize your goals in both words and pictures.

Vol 6 Issue 2 (June 2008)

Creating, Collecting and Coaching Groups, CD Series
A 3 CD set developed by Master Coach, Ginger Cockerham, offers the perfect introduction to group coaching.

The Peaceful Heart, a practical guide to unconditional love and forgiveness (CD)
Master storyteller and counselor Mary Hayes Grieco, beautifully illustrates the power, meaning and life affirming impact of forgiveness and she teaches you a process that can be used again and again.

Hue Are U? A Deck For Discovering Your True Self based on the Dewey Color System
An easy, fun and reliable personality assessment tool using a simple process of sorting through cards and choosing colors in each category. Choices point to how you relate to the world and engage with others. Hue Are U

Coach Genie
CoachGenie is a template based website solution designed to meet the specific needs of the coaching / consulting industry. It is extremely easy to set up and offers a ton of great features.

The Writer's Toolbox: Creative Games and Exercises for Inspiring the 'Write' Side of Your Brain
Truly imaginative tools to get the creative juices flowing. Use it in any setting where you need to inject some new thinking, a creative perspective or just loosen things up. Perfect for creative writers! The Writers Toolbox

Vol 6 Issue 1 (March 2008)

Emergence CD - A meditative journey through the seasons, perfect for personal exploration, transitions and retreats. Available in the online store and at

Roadmap to Meaningful Midlife - A 2 CD set that offers anyone in a midlife transition a complete process of creating a vision, developing and action plan and moving through obstacles. Available in the online store and at

A Senesable™ Friend - A card deck that engages you in a powerful and creative process of personal reflection. Available at and

Q? Basics, Open-ended questions for coaching mastery -A perfect training tool for new coaches, managers and trainers. Available in the online store and at

Leadership Keys Field Guide and Leadership Keys - Like Cliff notes for Emotional Intelligence Coaching. A desk reference of helpful tools to build core EI competencies. Available at

Vol 5 Issue 4 (December 2007)

BreathMinder - Your personal breathing coach. Attach it to your belt or carry it in your pocket for a buzzing reminder to take a deep breath every 15 minutes. Works great as a reminder for affirmations or anything you want to note on a regular basis. Available in the online store and at

Color Me Wonderful -A Coloring Book and Journal for Women. Choosing which whimisical drawing is as much a part of the process as coloring. A creative way to relax and manage stress.
Available in the online store and at

Lunch Mail - 30 miniature pop-open cards. Send your child off to school with a little' love note ' that offers inspiration and encourages them to believe in themselves. Available at www.compendium Inc.

Body-Centered Coaching Illuminated - 3 CD set to deepen your coaching skills and learn body-centered coaching techniques. Marlena Field is a master teacher and her coaching demos are filled with great heart and brilliance.
Available in the online store and at

Fame Cards - Writing prompts for the right and left brain. Draw any card randomly and you will be greeted by a provocative one line prompt to get the creative juices flowing.
Available in the online store and at

Vol 5 Issue 3 (September 2007)

Joyful Business Guide – A wonderful package of information and tools that bring joy, playfulness and laws of attraction to the work of building and sustaining a successful business.

Bilateral Audio Programs - Deep Confidence, Perfect Body/Perfect Health, Automatic Abundance - An exciting breakthrough to help clear out negative programming. Available at

Today is your day – Magnetic Card Set –A delightful structure to help you keep focused on whatever intention, goal or attitude you are cultivating. available at

Ask and it is Given Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks - A perfect way to incorporate the Laws of Attraction into a daily practice. Available at Amazon book store and

Alexandria Brown's Online Success Blueprint in a Box
The Online Success Blueprint Workshop covers everything you need to know about how to create a profitable website.

Vol 5 Issue 2 (June 2007)

Transition Toolkit
The Transition Toolkit is a wonderful structure to suggest or gift to a client in transition. A perfect way to welcome in relaxation and faith in the process - a very sweet and gentle healing ritual in a bag. Available at

Live Dynamite Upside Kit
The richly designed Upside Kit guides you to set intention, acknowledge your own greatness, recognize patterns, create a vision, set goals, develop habits, celebrate milestones and more. Available at

The Shift Deck
Shift (the verb) is invited through play, humor, creativity and getting you out of your head. Use to shift perspective, energy or as an icebreaker in a training event or a party. Available in the online store and at

Dreams In The Making CD
Music that makes a difference and inspires others to reach for the life they want. Scott Johnson's CD is a perfect fit for coaching workshops and client with titles like; Dreams in the Making, On the Verge of Something Great and What Matters Most. Available in the online store and at

Manifest Your Magnificence CD
Play this CD often to remind children (or the child in you) how magnificent, smart, loving, friendly, creative, talented and special they are. Coming soon to the Coaching Toys online store.

Vol 5 Issue 1 (March 2007)

The Coaches Console - An awesome web-based software system that helps you manage all the details of your business - client data, notes, invoicing, scheduling etc. It is well designed, intuitive and has great customer service and training.

Face The Music CD - Open your next training event with a little rhythm and blues. Great music and each song speaks to a work topic.

Values Discovery Cards and Journal - perfect combo to facilitate values work for individuals or in a corporate settings. Available at and in the Coaching Toys online store.

Creativity Coaching Cards - 22 colorful flip book style cards with titles like; Inspiration, True Colors, Vision, and Cutting Edge. Each card is like a mini-workshop. Available at and in the Coaching Toys online store.

I Am...Affirmation Cards - There are 150 statements to choose from like; I am relaxed, I am unfolding, I am powerful, I am dependable. A simple positive I am statement is a small step that can lead to big changes.
Available at and in the Coaching Toys online store.

Vol 4 Issue 4 (January 2007)

5 Dynamics - webbased program that is part assessment, part work horse for designing relationships, optimizing teams and managing projects.

Guidance Cards - A web-based visual coaching tool - allows you and your client to work with a visual image via the internet. www.guidance Also available through the Coaching Toys online store

From Chaos to Genius - Fast Track Fundamentals CD by Robert Steinbach to help make organizing easier. tips, tools and strategies for greater productvity in your personal and business life. Also available in the Coaching Toys store

Seasons of Change, A journal of Self-Discovery - for anyone going through a major transition, this journal is the perfect guide and a wonderful companion to coaching. (contact information to come)

Vol 4 Issue 3

Passion Portal Quest Deck, Explore your core passions with this simple but richly layered card sort process.

Acing the Interview, Brilliant Tip cards to help you prep for an interview. Also available in the Coaching Toys store

I Am and I Will Spirit Cards, Beautiful affirmations that empower new ways to talk to ourselves. Also available in the the Coaching toys online store

Great Question! Enganing, action leaning game designed to introduce and teach coaching skills to a corporate audience. Now available in the coaching toys store

The Practice Building Workshop by Cheryl Richardson. The package includes 6CD's recorded from her live training programs.

Vol 4 Issue 2

Hats-In-A-Bag A fun collection of hats to enliven your workshops.

Pink Spoon Marketing; the Art & Science of Building a Multiple Streams Business by Andrea J. Lee and Tina Forsyth - 189 page ebook and 5 audio CD's

A fun board game that shifts thinking and awareness. Also available in the coachingtoys store

Change the Way You See Everything with Asset Based Thinking
by Katheryn D. Cramer PhD. A beautiful and provocative coffee table quality book

Mind Makeover Magic - A software program to create customized recordings of affirmations in MP3 format

Vol 4 issue 1

The Sun Journal
A quiet, intimate, gentle, permission giving journal that invites you to dive a little deeper.
Also at Coaching Toys

Unique online career discovery tool with a coach approach.

Passion to Product-The Basics
Learn how to create tangible products

Design Your Dream Life
(4 CD set) by Dream Coach Marcia Weider
You can't help but begin to dream when you listen to this series.
Also At Coaching Toys

Flying Pink Pig –by Envision Your Dreams
When it comes to your dreams – pigs can indeed fly. Also At Coaching Toys


Vol 3 issue 4

Success and Me Game
A fun, lively and entertaining process, to help people discover their own unique definition of success.

A reputable source for solid, ethical and effective audio hypnosis programs addressing common challenges

A small portable creativity tool from SolutionPeople that packs an amazing wallop. It facilitates a 4-step accelerated innovation process that has broad applications.

I Am Divine Cards
Original art, the power of “I Am” statements and a belief in the natural divinity of all things in a simple and beautiful deck of cards.

Isle of View Insight Cards
A fun, enchanting, blend of meaningful acronyms and inspiration to awaken hope and possibility.


Vol 3 Issue 3

Get Unstuck & Get Going...On the stuff that matters By Michael Bungay Stanier
An ingeniously designed, interactive, problem-solving, idea-generating tool that champions possibility. Definitely worth checking out.

Self Help & Wishful Thinking By Caffein Press
A two journal set that offers a wonderful structure for self reflection with inquiries and imagery prompts.

Secrets of Successful Ezines; A guide to Writing and Publishing Ezines that Get Results By Patsi Krakoff
This ebook definitely "over delivers." . available in the Coaching Toys store

Ask Einstein By Gary Betwhistle, Blue Moon Creative
A fun, out of the box, brainstorming tool. available in the Coaching Toys store

Build A Better Blog System; Tips Tricks & Techniques for Creating A Professional Blog By Denise Wakeman and Patsi Krakoff
Blogs are hot these days and this exceptional 133 page ebook will help you create yours.


Vol 3 issue 1

Mental Block Busters ,a fun creativity tool

Sanctuary , Emily Britt - relaxation audio product


Permission to Be , Leza Danly - guided visualization audio product

Realizing Your True Self, By Ricki Rush -2 delightful guided visualizations - meet your future Self meet your Magical Child.


Inspired Collage Cards, Jackie Levin, proceeds go to cancer research and support services.

Client Compass Practice management software for life business and executive coaches. Originally developed by Sylva Leduc and Bob Rican, now available through Wiley

Get Known Now Extensive "how to" information in an Ebook package by Suzanne Falter Barns on how to build your platform as a self-help professional and become famous in your field.



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Wheeler, Software program to make custom 'wheel of life' diagrams for clients



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